Job Injury Lawyers in New York

A job injury is an injury suffered by an employee while working at a workplace. Job injuries can occur by accident, injury or occupational disease. Depending on the situation, these workplace injuries may be covered by Workers Compensation laws, tort law or both. The laws surrounding work-related injuries are complex and can be difficult to understand. If you have suffered a serious injury while on the job, contact an experienced New York personal injury attorney to learn about your rights as the injured victim. Figeroux & Associates has successfully representing many injury victims since 1996, achieving the best results for the clients.

New York Workers Compensation laws provide benefits to workers and their dependents when they have suffered injury or death arising out of a work environment. Compensation may include medical benefits, weekly or biweekly income, vocational rehabilitation, permanent disability compensation and death benefits. These benefits, in cases of serious injuries, may be substantially lower than the injured worker is entitled to under tort law. But, under New York law, an employee is precluded from suing the employer for on-the-job injuries in nearly all situations.

In cases where an employee has sustained an on-the-job injury caused by someone other than the employer, the injured employee may sue this other person (third party) in tort law. Third party cases may fall into categories such as traffic accidents, defective products, defective equipment or the exposure to toxic substances.

Every job related injury should be evaluated to determine if a third party claim exists. At Figeroux ^ Associates we will find and pursue third party liability claims. We offer FREE evaluations of serious on-the-job injuries to determine if a third party claims exist.

We are competent in coordinating third party claims and workers' compensation benefits to get the best result possible for our clients. Contact us at 718-834-0190, for a free consultation.

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