Construction Litigation

Experienced Construction Attorneys for Plaintiffs and Defendants In New York City

When construction disputes occur between general contractors and sub-contractors, construction companies, property owners or other parties, it may seem difficult, expensive and time-consuming to resolve those disputes in a satisfactory manner. While some of these disputes may be resolved through cooperation or other mediation methods, others will only be resolved through litigation or arbitration.

At the law firm of Figeroux & Associates, our construction attorneys will utilize their experience and knowledge in construction law to represent a clients in construction litigation across the City of New York.  Figeroux & Associates will represent your business as a general contractor, prime contractor, sub-contractor, sub-sub-contractor, construction manager, owner, developer, architect or engineer in matters ranging from small payment disputes to multi-million dollar litigation at all levels of the New York state trial courts as well as is Federal Court. We take pride in helping our clients obtain successful resolutions that are cost-effective and meet their needs. We understand that litigation is never a desirable outcome, but we understand that strong and swift enforcement will get you paid or protect you from paying too much.

In the increasingly complex world of construction, litigation is becoming more and more common and necessary. Construction disputes can involve simple non-payment under the contract and can be resolved through breach of contract actions, Prompt Payment Act actions, mechanic’s lien foreclosure actions or a combination of all three. But construction litigation also involves a vast array of other disputes frequently encountered on the job site including claims over defective work, scope of works disputes and delay or acceleration claims. Our attorneys have experience in all types of construction litigation and regularly handle claims involving private commercial projects. Because of our familiarity with the construction industry you don’t have to spend time teaching us construction before we can apply the law. We know how construction projects work from contract negotiation through project delivery and every step in between. This knowledge and dedication to the construction industry allows us to develop a strategy to protect and enforce your rights as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

If you are involved in construction litigation in New York City call the construction attorneys at Figeroux & Associates now for a free consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys to see how we can help you.
Construction Litigation Issues
Our firm can represent clients in construction litigation matters, including these and many more:
* Mechanic's lien foreclosure (enforcement) actions
* Mechanic’s liens exaggeration claims
* Unlicensed contractor claims
* Breach of contract (non-payment)
* Breach of contract (delay or acceleration)
* Construction Arbitration & mediation
* Payment disputes, including Prompt Pay Act actions
* Termination disputes
* Property damage, including insurance subrogation defense
* Changed or unforeseen site conditions
* Change order or extra work disputes
* Scope of work disputes
*Construction defects or failures, including architectural and engineering malpractice
* Bond and security actions, including claims against payment and performance bonds
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