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Approximately 1,000,000 babies, children, and adults suffer from any number of brain, head, and spinal cord injuries in the United States. A brain injury is a devastating and life altering situation for the victim, as well as his or her family. Although all cases of head trauma are difficult for loved ones to handle, one caused by the negligence of another party may be extremely difficult, knowing that the accident could have been avoided if the negligent party had not been reckless. Some brain and head injuries include hematomas, concussions, and skull fractures.

Listed below are just a few symptoms which may be caused by a brain injury: Loss of consciousness Post-traumatic amnesia Encephalopathy Seizure Un-reactive pupils Depending upon the exact type of brain injury, and the severity of the brain trauma, the victim may suffer permanent brain damage, affecting all aspects of his or her life. In some cases people who have suffered from brain injuries are no longer capable of caring for themselves, caring for their families, or performing work related or simple daily tasks.

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