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Figeroux & Associates has one of the most sophisticated consumer bankruptcy law firms in the country. Our consumer bankruptcy law practice group has a large client base and now represents many new clients each year in consumer bankruptcy matters. The bankruptcy law firm's bankruptcy attorneys mainly handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy law cases. So, when our clients file bankruptcy, they have the peace of mind that their case is being handled by some of the most experienced consumer bankruptcy attorneys in the country.

With 2 offices in Brooklyn, New York and our staff answering the telephones six days a week, our bankruptcy law firm is always striving to provide the highest level of client service available. Our aggressive representation and extensive experience have earned the bankruptcy attorneys at Figeroux & Associates a reputation for excellence in the representation of Debtors in financial distress.

Figeroux & Associates's mission is to provide excellent service by highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys, at an affordable fee.
Experience After helping many clients and discharging millions of dollars in debt, the bankruptcy lawyers at Figeroux & Associates bankruptcy law firm have the background to explain your alternatives and suggest a solution to your financial difficulties. Make sure that any attorney you speak with practices primarily in bankruptcy. That is because Bankruptcy law is complex, when you file bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy law firm that deals with these issues on a daily basis.

Service Figeroux & Associates offer free consultations on bankruptcy issues, six days a week. Additionally, the attorneys at Figeroux & Associates bankruptcy law firm will meet with you six days a week, so that we are always available for our clients. Our computer systems are state of the art and allow us to have your records on the computer within seconds. This allows us to offer you the highest level of client service. We know that our best source of future business is through referrals from satisfied clients like you.

Low Flat Fees/Payment Plans Figeroux & Associates, unlike many other bankruptcy law firms, offers you a choice of several different payment methods. We offer low flat fees that we allow you to pay through a flexible payment plan that suits your budget. You can hire us for as little as $100, and we will start working for you right away. You can stop paying your creditors immediately. We will take all of your creditor calls so you do not have to deal with any more harassment. Our bankruptcy law firm will quote you an estimate of that fee without obligation.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, most of your fees are paid, interest free, through your Chapter 13 repayment plan. Whatever our fee, our priority is to get you the relief that you need.

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