International Business
Small Business Checklist NYS

Small Business Checklist NYS

* Gather your TEAM of professionals (legal, tax, etc.).
* Have your current and/or prior employment agreement reviewed by legal counsel for issues that may conflict with your business plan (assignment of rights, non­compete, non­solicitation, etc.).
* Joint Venture Agreement (Determine Duties and Responsibilities of Participants)Protect Your Assets.
* Establish Separate Entity (Personal Asset Protection)
* Determine Type of Organization (Corp, LLC, etc.) (Avoid Double Taxation)
* S­Corp Election, if entity qualifies.
* Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement or Operating Agreement
* Fed ID Number for Business
* Banking Issues.
* Business Certificates
* Business Licenses and Permits
* Commercial Lease
* Employer Posters Required by Law
* Insurance
* Register with State for Sales and Use Tax, etc.
* Establish Payroll System.
* Copyrights notice and registration
* Patents
* Trademark
* Website Compliance (Utilize comprehensive Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright Infringement Warning, etc.)
* Agreements (Distributorship Agreement, etc.)
* Executive Agreement
* I­9 Forms and Immigration Law Compliance
* Mergers and Acqusitions
* Domestic and International Subsidiaries
* Franchising Exit Strategy Business Sale or "Wrap­Up" Protecting Wealth Congratulations again; you are on your way!

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There are many benefits to volunteering in the community! Here are just a few:

Build Your Skills and Your Resume

Community work is a great way to build your resume and your skills. When you volunteer, you'll have the guidance of employers who are specialists in their fields. And because we partner with CARE, IJLEF and NACC, we suggest you visit these websites to volunteer now and develop the skills you seek.

Develop a Career Network

Networking is an incredibly important part of searching for jobs and building careers. Community involvement is one of the best ways to make connections and foster relationships that do just that. Not only will you build a network, many people who volunteer at an organization are offered permanent positions after some projects.

Enhance Your Education

One of the best ways to learn is through experience. What better way to gain experience than to work at an organization that fit your needs and interests? Many educational experiences can't be taught in a classroom.

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